What happened here? No one really talks about it, but you can see it, you can feel it.

Backpackers come here a lot. Especially at this time of the year, to explore something in between.

Something a little bit different with the wind humming the auld melody.

Landscaping Builder and Designer: Bambi (NorahBrent).

Land profile

Welcome to Ye Auld Melody.
You can join Missing Melody Group for rezz rights, updates and group gifts for here and Missing Melody.
Be kind to your fellow explorers. Please rezz poses only. Please do not rezz boats or heavy items.
We wish you a pleasant stay.
Add your images to the group at
For any questions Val or I will be happy to assist. Have fun!

Interstellar Mood — Nico Staf

№10 _A New Beginning — Esther Abrami

Fire Dancer — Reed Mathis

Float — Geographer

A Face in a Cloud — Nathan Moore

Originally published at https://www.designyourworld.space on January 1, 2021.

"The joy that one finds in beauty increases because of its transience..." I spend too much time sharing virtual worlds and other digital world creations