The Cyberbully: How Much They Hate You?

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The cyberbully needs a response. Bullying has reached the expanses of the cyber world.

These adults are the same children at the school playground who called you a kindergarten baby and took the lunch money.

There are even some internet users creating websites that target other online users.

Can you imagine someone making a website entirely centered on you, which shows how much they dislike you?

An entire website dedicated just to you? Ah, how exceptional. Well, no, it can be quite serious.

They post private emails, edited photos of you with hateful commentaries, hate messages about you, anything they think will discriminate against you.

You would think it would just be teenagers engaging in this online bullying, but it is not.

They are adults acting like damaged teenagers.

Where does the derangement end in this? These sites and social accounts seed and execute disgusting claims about you and even your family.

Similar to the type of bullying you faced in the schoolyard as a child. Internet attackers tease and ridicule their victims.

This can also harm your offline world.

Cyberbullies have this feeling of satisfaction whenever you react to them. It’s like a notch on the belt.

They are like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth, and their bite can be just as damaging.

It all comes down to a question of power, control, and domination. They seem to have strength when they are making you react.

Bullies will even group, disturb social accounts, send emails to their sympathizers, and, if it’s a community or a discussion forum, they’ll come in and create conflicts.

The purpose of this tactic is to wipe out its members.

Don’t be fooled into believing that anything they say has any validity.

They are also very manipulative in their tactics. If they don’t get what they want, they will try to make friends with anyone they think will persuade to side with them, in an attempt to make you the victim.

There are no victims in this, just those who volunteer, and you don’t have to enlist for these children’s jokes.

Bullies know very well that they can create conflict by taking at least one person out of a group to guess their nature.

Once they have it, they will, in turn, use it to inflame you.

They will even use the service rules of your ISP provider or web domain host against you.

They elicit an angry response to the offensive email they sent you and then send the insulting email to your ISP or hosting corporation.

All these bullies are attention seekers, it’s like when a three years old boy was having a tantrum to get my attention.

If you are a victim of online bullying, keep all insulting emails. Even if the situation settles, keep all offensive proof.

Create a new folder and move hate information and messages, screenshots, and anything you have as evidence for this folder.

When the time comes to file a lawsuit, this will be your evidence to present in court. Do not reply to posts or emails.

The less attention you give to these attention seekers, the better. Treat them as if they don’t exist.

Each time they point out their shortcomings, all they do is point out their flaws.

Should you feel sorry for yourself because you are the victim? No, by reacting to them, you are the volunteer.

They are the victim, as their life must be so sad that they must bully someone online to get their kicks.

The next time you open one of these emails or read a stupid forum post thinks that they reveal the truth about themselves.

I know it’s hard not to answer, but you don’t have to explain your actions to anyone. Just laugh at it.

What they are saying does not affect you. Gossip is just that — gossip.

Responsible adults and their friends will see through their childish tactics.

The way the attacker is reacting on a message board will be self-evident. Each time they type in you, they are opening their mouths and placing their feet.

I sit and laugh at the stupidity of these actions.

They do everything like send emails to all your friends, create a web page about you, overcome the bans, offensive emails, etc.

Adults will understand at face value and not believe in hearsay and cyberbullying.

Your reputation will always speak for itself. You don’t have to accept cyberbullying, be clever, don’t reply. As said, treat no one like anyone.

The truth will always set you free, and those who believe that telltale will quickly find it wasn’t worth it after all.

In the end, they’ll see the wolf in sheep’s clothing, so he or she is a busy dog whose barking is worse than the bite, that doesn’t touch the surface of your skin.

Hope and pray that someday they will have a life and stop trying to tease you like a spoiled child in a playground after your lunch money.

The truth is that while you make some predictions with your life, they are living their lives waiting to see your next move.

It all comes down to their weakness, and when all else fails, remember sticks and stones will break your bones, but those claims won’t hurt.

An offender is just someone with an insignificant life who struggles and lives for conflict.

Originally published at on October 2, 2020.

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