The Citadel: Virtual Reality Design Art

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The Citadel is an adult sim with adult themes. They promote art in a socially relaxed setting.
There is no formal dress code or set of rules.

The Citadel hosts arranged gallery exhibits. They feature musicians and photographers alike.
Visit frequently for new installments of art.

The Castle Gardens feature a walk through nature in the southeast corner.

Cross the bridge and follow the stone pathway. Explore the ruins of the island’s first establishment.

About Sunwater Hall: The island was rediscovered in the mid 20th century.
The hall has since been re-purposed as a decadent hub. Ground-level offers a kitchen, dance tables, and a library.
On the mezzanine, you will find the Shadow Lounge room. A pool hall is upstairs, and sunbathing is on the rooftop.

Cabal is the store on-site, featuring original mesh art. The storefront is located on the North end of the sim.
Your support is much appreciated, come to check them out.

They try hard to promote a serene, ad-free atmosphere. There are a few donation boxes placed around the sim to help the maintenance costs. There may also be ad hoc tip jars for some of the events.
If you would like to offer further support, check out Cabal. All Cabal store purchases will help keep The Citadel alive.

Rezzing objects is allowed for members of [ The Citadel ] group. Please care to pick up your objects after you’re done.
If you use The Citadel, please give credit and share the word. They also have a Flickr group where you can post your work.

For unspecified additional inquiries, please contact Lesk Alzael.

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Watch Here

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  • teleporters to the main sectors for racing adventurers
  • an abundance of information about the region, group, and author/owner
  • regular social gatherings feature musicians and photographers alike
  • The Citadel hosts organized gallery displays
  • Cabal is a store-on-site, featuring original mesh art
  • Wildlife, old fountains, and dark secrets to be found within.
  • a few lag spikes on areas with clusters of objects
  • the path is well indicated on the teleporters, but not continuously clear for ground travelers
  • the modernized assets combined with the old ruins is not agreeable to everyone
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Video Music

The Golden Present — Jesse Gallagher

Monumental Journey — Jesse Gallagher

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Originally published at on October 21, 2020.

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"The joy that one finds in beauty increases because of its transience..." I spend too much time sharing virtual worlds and other digital world creations

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