Silent Night: Virtual Reality Design Art

Today we arrive at Silent Night, a wintertime simulation created with fabulous consideration to detail.

Let us involve in this winter wonderland, and celebrate Christmas with our loved ones!

Designed and built by Nessa Nova.


The beauty of winter truly shines in Nessa Nova’s latest creation as part of the Lost Unicorn family of sims! Stop by and take in the winter season in all its glory complete with snow-capped mountains, towering frozen waterfalls, snowy woods and falling snow! Oh, that’s not all. The sim also offers a large ice skating area with couples skating, couples dances, several cuddle spots, and a couple places to grab a snack or hot chocolate, one where Santa himself will assist.

  • the unique perspective method is wholly refined
  • data about the land, group, and builder is easily accessible
  • excellent recreation areas, including in-theme representations
  • appropriate for winter fun with a luxurious park
  • plainly sparse ambient sounds
  • the textures of some snow-covered trees are very low quality

Nocturne — Asher Fulero

Elegy — Asher Fulero

Wandering Soul — Asher Fulero

Originally published at on November 26, 2020.

"The joy that one finds in beauty increases because of its transience..." I spend too much time sharing virtual worlds and other digital world creations