Ray Tracing on Non-RTX Graphics Card

By expanding compatibility for Ray Tracing to Nvidia’s older cards, more people can test out global illumination.

A few months ago, Nvidia released a driver that allows ray-tracing effects to be switched on in a few GeForce series graphics cards, such as the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1660.

I tested my GeForce GTX 1660, with wonderful results 🙂

NVIDIA RTX Ray-Traced Reflections will gift armor, weapons, objects, puddles, rivers, canals, and many more game elements with lifelike reflective properties, enabling them to accurately reflect the game world around them.

Here we put a non-RTX graphics card to the test and check the result.

Without dedicated RT (ray tracing) Cores we find on the RTX cards, we are not going to be able to manage anything more than medium frame rates.

This video is intended as a gameplay presentation, repetitious segments are edited out.

In-Game Music

Originally published at https://www.designyourworld.space on January 4, 2021.