Kintsugi: Spirited Beyond

Allow yourself to be Spirited Beyond, to Kintsugi.
金継ぎ, “Golden Joinery”, also known as Kintsukuroi 金繕い, “golden repair”. A bond made with gold.
A Japanese Oriented Garden, where you will find serenity, and make memories as you visit.

Design and Building: Valarie Muffin Meow (zalindah), Bambi (norahbrent)

Land Story

Oh, Golden Spirit! Your journey begins,

and you shall meet 13 Spirits, who shall guide you.

Wish you all the serenity, and make plenty of memories.

In the silent isle of Kintsugi, spirited beyond the depths of the unknown, the Animal Spirit that guarded the lantern island, felt a tremble within the earth below.

Out of fear, she ran and called Red, the Spirit of Nostalgia, who came rushing, only to witness what seemed to be a tragedy, disguised as a blessing.

The island crumbled and shook, slowly collapsing into the water, but revealing a majestic tree. It emitted the laughter and happy memories of our long-departed furry friends.

She was startled, as he slowly rested his head on her shoulder.

But then, the softness of his feathers, and the warmth of his breath, soothed her.

She slowly leaned down, resting her head on his shoulder, in an embrace only they knew. They stand there in their hug, as the world passes by. A bond made in gold.

Plenty of untold stories, linger around the temple.

The Wise spirit treasures them all in his home, and perhaps once or twice releases some to the world.

Other spirits say he is always silent, but when he rarely speaks, it comes out in a strange, beautiful, eye-opening burst of life.

The Zen garden allows tranquility, for any tired mind.

A playful spirit, a trickster, roam this area, only until the Kitsune Forest.

He is scared of the Kitsune Spirit, so he just remains here at the rest stop, luring the visitors to come rest, and have some strawberries, cherries, maybe even buy some jam!

Various sounds reach the ears, the howl of a wolf, the screeching of a bird, and the melodic ringing of fireflies.

As the lanterns guide you, along the road path, maybe you see, a sudden rush of nine tails passing by.

But was it just your imagination? Who knows…

Shirayuri Town was once a busy town. People roamed the streets, in laughter, and with rich self-reliance.

Everyone was friendly, caring, and looked after one another.

No one will know what happened, but it appears that a certain spirit, fell in love with the town, and decided to ‘keep’ it?

At night, visitors can hear the town come alive as if still inhabited.

The deers have claimed it for now, just as nature has made its way through…

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Originally published at on January 2, 2021.

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