Ciampi: Virtual Countryside Residential Dreamland

Ciampi is an Italian themed rural village circa the late ’60s with reflections of the regions of Lazio, Tuscany, and Umbria.

The village was named after Lucrezia’s grandmother and built in her memory.

It has numerous public places to visit including; shops, cafes, restaurants, community gardens, and more!

With access to sailing and driving, the village has a close-knit community as it also offers landscaped and furnished rentals.

Designed and landscaped by Viggen Petofi (Viggen Huntsman)

Furnished by Lucrezia Petofi (Galdaria Resident)

Village of Ciampi

Heart of the Petofi’s Villas neighborhood in Bhima region, the village of Ciampi is based on an old Italian theme, filled with places to relax and visit, shops, and beautiful scenery.
Petofi’s Villas are eclectic Italian themed farms and villas that are available to rent.
All villas and farms are offered as “turn-key” ready.
They are fully furnished, decorated, and ready for you to move right in.
Strategically situated on the mainland and all with road access.
There are 21 different properties and shops to choose from, all surrounding the village of Ciampi.
If you would like a particular house, you can be added to our waiting list and be notified as soon as it becomes available.
Just send me a notecard for the location and I can add you to the list.
Please IM me for additional information, locations, and prices.

  • the novel countryside panorama design is totally elegant
  • data about the land, group, and builder is easily accessible
  • great communal relaxation areas, including in-theme designs, decorations, and scenery
  • appropriate for those who seek a home away from too much civilization within a luxurious flourishing land
  • the owners are particularly polite, considerate, and courteous, which can make you feel at home even before renting

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